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About CoDiMa


CoDiMa is the Collaborative Computational Project (CCP) in the area of Computational Discrete Mathematics, supported by the EPSRC (EP/M022641/1).

CoDiMa is centred on two open source software systems: GAP and SageMath which are widely used for research and teaching in abstract algebra, number theory, cryptography, combinatorics, graph theory, coding theory, optimisation and search, among other areas.

The CCP aims to support the ecosystem of users, extenders and developers of these systems and encourage best practice in their use, and to support the more rapid uptake of new features such as parallel programming support.

The project runs for 5 years starting from March 1st, 2015.

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  1. I have been using and working with GAP for more than 3 years and wanted to contribute some functions. I visited University of St Andrews as a visitor of Dr Alexander Konovalov. During my stay I was trained for technical skills that are needed for the collaborative software development. I was part of the process of release of new version (4.9.0) of package named “Wedderga”, which gave me immense pleasure, confidence and motivation to contribute further. I was also introduced to Software Carpentry, which I would say is a must for beginners. My visit was largely funded by CoDiMa, and I am really grateful for the same.

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