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GAP Tutorial after Groups St Andrews 2017 in Birmingham

2017 is the year of Groups St Andrews 2017 in Birmingham. This conference is organised by the University of St Andrews and the University of Birmingham. It will take place in Birmingham between Saturday 5th August (arrival day) and Sunday 13th August 2017 (departure day). The talks will happen from 6th August until 12th August 2017 (inclusive).

Immediately after that conference, CoDiMa project will run a satellite hands-on tutorial on the computational algebra system GAP. We will start it at 11am on Sunday August 13th and finish it shortly after lunch on Monday August 14th to allow for return journeys.

The tutorial will start with the Software Carpentry lesson “Programming with GAP”, followed by further sessions on debugging and profiling, avoiding common pitfalls while programming group-theoretical algorithms, and other aspects of programming in GAP.

To register, proceed to the University of Birmingham Online Shop. The registration is independent of registration for Groups St Andrews 2017 in Birmingham. You will be able to specify individually each night on which you will need accommodation for the days of the tutorial, or register without booking accommodation. Please note that the deadline for booking on campus accommodation at discounted price is July 25th. After that date accommodation will be offered at a standard price and only subject to availability.

Limited financial support to cover travel expenses and accommodation in Birmingham during the GAP tutorial is available to PhD students from UK Universities who will attend both days of the tutorial (Sunday-Monday). Students wishing to apply for the support should register online, and then ask their PhD supervisor to email to contact@codima.ac.uk a recommendation that they should take part.

Please note that this is not a Software Carpentry workshop, so it will not cover topics such as Unix shell and version control with Git which are standard parts of the Software Carpentry curriculum. If you’re interested in these topics, in addition to the GAP tutorial we recommend you to attend one of the Software Carpentry workshops, which you can find on this page.